A downloadable game

• In "Orbital Punch" it's you against the invading alien army. You don't have any canons. You only have your blasting rocket propulsion and your shield.

How it matches the theme
• You only use 3 buttons. Two of which are for steering. The other one is for your forward movement. Which is also your deadliest weapon.

Third-Party Resources
• Unity Personal 
•Audio Kit SFX VO Music (Link: https://dl.humble.com/madisonpikelicense.txt?gamekey=vqDhD7muVmVCcea5&ttl=150031...)
Music:  YaboiMatoi - Chrono Persona (Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/739294)

•Erich Schöll (Coding)
•Kevin Hewing (Art)

Small Spoilers
•You maximum speed is also a pretty good weapon.
•Asteroids don't just damage your own ship.


Orbital Punch.zip 21 MB


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Dude, I didn't know how to get in contact with you guys, so I created an account just to write this comment!

I spent quite some time playing around with this game and it's so much fun! The game visuals are so nice to look at and they're so smooth. The concept is very unique and the overall feel of the mechanics is just stellar. 

Oh also...

Thanks so much for using my music in it! I'm so glad and it means so much to me! :D


Hey, I just played some more of the game (I keep coming back, it's just so much fun!), and I noticed something strange. Over time, the planet just loses life from time to time, even if you play perfectly. No rocks touched it, no ships fired on it, and no ships exploded directly next to it.
Is this intentional? Or if not, do you have an idea of what might be happening?

I get a lot of this notice in the output_log: 

"Sprite outline generation failed - could not read texture pixel data. Did you forget to make the texture readable?
(Filename:  Line: 136)"

I'm not quite sure, by maybe this translates into: there's invisible enemies from time to time? Not quite sure though.


Dham nice art work man! Game is also fun!

Well done!

Thanks! We're always giving 100% =)


This game is amazingly fun! It blows me away that you guys made this in only 48 hours. With some minor improvements this game could ship as a product I would say (based on just having played it for at least half an hour without tiring of it). Kicking ships and rocks together, and shooting a ship into unending orbit is a lot of fun.

I think it might be a little fairer if the bigger ship maybe would not do as much damage, but that could be part of the charm. Definitely make armour stackable. That would encourage more danger-seeking gameplay, and make the pickups more interesting when you already have some. The engineplay worked incredibly well, most of the time. The times when it doesn't, it gets frustrating. It was not always clear why I couldn't blow my engine while butt-facing a ship. 

I would love to see this game fleshed out further, it's a blast!
Pun intended.

Thank you for that detailed feedback! We will try that shield stacking now =D we had the idea ourselves before but i guess we just forgot it. so now, we're working on it.

And thanks again for your kind words!


I was discussing the game with one of my teammates yesterday evening, and we came to the conclusion that a co-op mode would make a really awesome addition. Although it would be a lot of work to implement, due to the small amount of buttons required, a one-keyboard approach with either split-screen or a single stretching screen could work, no online stuff required.

Co-op would allow for a bit of teamwork, bouncing ships and especially rocks around. Also, it would make it more managable when the RNG spawning system screws you over by  spawning multiple huge (!!!) ships on opposite sides :p

Have you guys made any games before this? You seem like you knew what you were doing.

We're working on some ideas. But you are kind of correct. Both of us studied game design here in germany. =D


Oh wow, just played it again, and you already so much extra stuff!
- stacking armour
- title screen and score board
- maybe tweaked the controls/flying speed? Not quite sure, hard to compare my experience from yesterday with today. But it felt a little different.


My high score: 26 small ones, 18 mediums and 5 big ones ^^